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1.1 progammable Speed between Waypoints in 0,1m/sec
1.2 Camera-Nick selectable between waypoints
1.3 The Waypoint-Event is active for at least 2 seconds. That allows to trigger the camera even if the Waypoint-Time is set to zero
1.4 Up to 200 Waypoints can be placed in the Map
1.5 Multiple POIs are possible
1.6 You can choose a set of waypoints (i.e. WP40-WP60) instead of using them all
1.7 Saved Waypoint lists can be loaded as templates and can be placed anywhere on the map
1.8 The NC with commercial License can handle 100 Waypoints
1.9 Using F9 on the Keyboard sets a Waypoint on the actual poistion of the MK
1.10 start value of the Panorama-direction can be the actual MK-direction
1.11 In the field "Speed" you can enter
* 'POTI1' - 'POTI8' to change the speed by the transmitter during flight
* '--' (or 0). Then it is the maximum speed (basically it is like the old mode)
1.12 the values of the waypoint will be shown if you go with the mouse over that point
1.13 the state of the FC-Outputs (Out1 & Out2) can be displayed in the Waypoint-Tool

2. Failsafe:
2.1 can be set to 60seconds in the free version and to 255 seconds with the commercial license
2.2 In the first 5 seconds, only the altitude changes
2.3 On the Home-Position the MK does a landing - sequence
2.4 Checkbox: use Vario-Altitude -> uses vario-Alt for landing. After the failsafe-time, the MK uses a percentage [%] of hoover gas. You can set it up to 99%
(if the CH-time is zero or no CH_Altitude is used, the MK will only use the percentage of hoovergas)
2.5 A Failsafe-Channel can be selected. That can also be used to try the Failsafe-feature

3 SETTINGS.INI new parameters:
MAX_FLYING_ALT = 25 -> if the MK goes above this altitude, it will bring an error message "Max Altitude" (A NC with a only commercial license: the MK will use the "emergency gas" to bring the MK back under the limited value) (Default is '0')
MAX_FLYING_RANGE = 200 -> if the MK goes out of this range, GPS will be activated, the MK tries to fly back to that range and there will come an error-message on Jeti/Hott (Default is '0')
DESCEND_RANGE = 300 -> (only commercial license) if the MK goes out of this range, it will descend automatically with the emergency gas - mo matter if Altitude control is on or off (Default is '0')
All three will be deactivated if they are set to zero or not present
Please delete the old Settings.ini and let the NC create a new one if you want to use them.

GPS_SBAS_DGPS_ON = 1 -> you can disable SBAS (DGPS) in the GPS-Receiver by writing '0' as value here. (Default is '1')

4. Others
4.1 selectable: "No start without SD-card"
4.2 New Error-Codes: "No SD-Card", "Flying range!" and "Error SD-Logging"
4.3 The altitude messurement is calibrated now - the showed value was appr. 10% too high
4.4 Fixed: Removed a ' ' in the KML-Log
4.5 Support for Futaba S.Bus (Signal inverter required)
4.6 Servo3 & Servo4 can be used for mechanical camera-trigger -> you can link the servos to the blinking outputs
4.7 A output-Filter can be applied for the Nick and Roll-servo signals.
4.8 The Current and the Temperature of the BL-Controllers can be displayed in the OSD-MAP. Mouse-Over shows the I2C-Errors
4.9 The Channel-Data is displayed in the 3D-Data if the KopterTool is connected with the NC

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